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We seamlessly integrate data from various sources, ensuring a unified and comprehensive view of your business. By consolidating and organizing data, we enable you to derive meaningful insights and identify trends that drive strategic decision-making.

Drive Smarter Decisions with Our Data Integration Expertise

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Processes

  • Delish 360  Implement ETL processes to extract data from various sources, transform it into a consistent format, and load it into a centralized data warehouse or repository.
  • We use ETL tools and platforms like Informatica, Talend, or Apache Nifi to automate and streamline data integration workflows.

Real-time Data Integration

  • We develop real-time data integration solutions to enable clients to access and analyze data as it’s generated or updated.
  • We use technologies such as Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, or AWS Kinesis to facilitate real-time data streaming and processing.

API Integration

  • We help clients integrate data from external sources or third-party applications by developing custom APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).
  • We implement API management platforms like Apigee or AWS API Gateway to ensure secure and efficient data exchange.

Data Quality and Cleansing

  • We implement data quality solutions to clean and standardize data, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • We use data profiling and cleansing tools such as Trifacta or Talend Data Quality to identify and rectify data issues.

Master Data Management (MDM)

  • We assist clients in establishing a single source of truth for their critical data by implementing MDM solutions.
  • We use MDM platforms like Informatica MDM or SAP Master Data Governance to manage and govern master data records.

    Cloud-Based Integration

    • We implement cloud-based data integration solutions using platforms like AWS Glue, Azure Data Factory, or Google Cloud Dataflow.
    • We leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud services to handle diverse data sources and workloads.

    Data Governance and Security

    • We establish data governance frameworks to ensure data quality, compliance, and security.
    • We implement role-based access controls, encryption, and audit trails to protect sensitive data.

    “Transform Data Chaos into Data Harmony by implementing Our Data Integration Solutions”

    Expertise and Solutions

    Looking for Data Integration Solutions? Look no further!  We develop the right techniques for data flows with real time data intregration solutions. Streamline your data processes with our expertise using cutting-edge tools.

    Client Benefits

    Boost ROI by enhancing your decision-making with accurate data. Achieve data Harmony by a unifying view of your data across systems. Save time and resources with automated processes increasing efficiency. 

    Customization and Support

    We adapt to your unique data integration needs with tailored solutions, besides having your data security as our top priority and supercharging your data strategy, as well as combining various techniques and technologies.

    Unlock Your Data's Potential with Delish 360 Expert Data Integration Consulting

    Delish 360 Global Consulting Interdisciplinary Team of Experts

    Delish 360 Consulting, boasts a highly skilled and interdisciplinary team comprising experts from various areas of business. From international trade and market expansion to strategic development, technology integration, and business digitalization we have the expertise to address diverse business needs locally and globally wherever you are.

    Data Catalogs and Metadata Management

    • Delish 360 team creates data catalogs and metadata repositories to help clients discover, understand, and manage their data assets.
    • By using tools like Collibra or Alation we automate metadata management.

    Data Virtualization

    • We enable clients to access and query data from multiple sources without physically moving or replicating it.
    • Also we integrate and  Implement data virtualization solutions like Denodo or Cisco Data Virtualization

    Custom Integration Solutions

    • Delish 360 delivers tailored data integration solutions to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client.
    • Delish 360 combines various techniques and technologies to create bespoke integration solutions.


    Tailor Made Data integration Advice

    Delish 360 believes when you provide data integration services, it’s crucial to assess each client’s unique requirements, data sources, and goals to recommend the most suitable techniques and solutions for their organization. Additionally, ongoing monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensure the continued success of data integration initiatives.

    Digital Marketing Coaching

    Delish 360 offers you an exhaustive process of receiving coaching and guidance in developing digital marketing skills aimed to succeed across Business Digital Transformation.

    This type of coaching is designed to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in understanding the complexities and challenges associated with Digital Marketing Skills 

    On line Course Title: Digital Marketing Skills for Entrepreneurs & Businesses

    Course Overview: Unlock the Power of Digital Marketing

    • Dive into the intricacies of digital marketing.
    • Learn strategies to overcome challenges.
    • Gain essential skills for business growth.

    Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs and businesses aiming to conquer the digital realm.


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