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  • Iberianoleum is a well-established winery specializing in wine, beer, olive oil, vinegar, and almond production in Spain.
  • The company sought to expand its operations beyond the domestic market to tap into the growing demand for its products in international markets.
  • Key objectives included establishing a long-term presence in foreign markets and optimizing global sales potential.


  • Entering foreign markets presented several challenges, including cultural differences, regulatory compliance, competition, and the need to adapt products to varying market preferences.
  • Lack of online presence and brand recognition outside of Spain.
  • Limited knowledge of international distribution networks and importers.


  1. Foreign Market Research:

    • Delish Consulting conducted comprehensive market research to identify target markets with high demand for Iberianvintage’s products.
    • Analyzed market trends, consumer preferences, and regulatory requirements in each selected market.
  2. Website and SEO Optimization:

    • Created a new website tailored to international audiences, offering content in multiple languages.
    • Implemented solid SEO strategies to improve online visibility and drive organic traffic.
  3. Branding Strategy:

    • Developed a branding strategy that conveyed Iberianvintage’s commitment to quality, tradition, and sustainability.
    • Crafted a cohesive brand message for consistent global communication.
  4. BDX (Brand Experience) Enhancement:

    • Improved the overall brand experience by ensuring consistent product quality and packaging.
    • Emphasized the unique flavors and characteristics of Iberianvintage’s products.
  5. SEM-PPC Campaigns:

    • Established SEM and PPC campaigns to reach potential customers actively searching for similar products.
    • Optimized ad spend for maximum ROI.
  6. Distributor and Importer Network:

    • Identified and proposed well-established distributors and importers in target markets.
    • Leveraged existing industry connections to facilitate partnerships.
  7. Product Adaptation:

    • Adapted products to meet specific market needs, taking into account taste preferences and packaging requirements.
  8. QA (Quality Assurance) and CC (Custom Compliance):

    • Implemented stringent quality control measures to maintain product consistency.
    • Adhered to specific trade regulations and customs requirements in each target country.


  • Iberianvintage successfully expanded its operations into multiple international markets, including the United States, China, and Germany.
  • Revenue from international sales increased by 45% within the first year of the internationalization plan’s implementation.
  • The new website experienced a 60% increase in organic traffic, resulting in improved brand recognition.
  • Iberianvintage’s products received positive feedback from international customers, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for quality and authenticity.

This case study demonstrates how Delish Consulting’s strategic approach to internationalization, combining market research, online presence optimization, branding, effective advertising campaigns with a high conversion rate, distribution, and product adaptation, helped Iberianvintage establish a strong and sustainable presence in foreign markets, ultimately leading to increased revenue and brand growth.




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