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BDX – Service Landing Pages – Domestic & Foreign  Trade  CASE STUDY: AGROCITRUS

Background: Agrocitrus is a leading citrus producer specializing in fresh lemon and orange production. With a desire to expand their reach both domestically and internationally, Agrocitrus sought the expertise of Delish Consulting to undergo a comprehensive digital transformation and implement effective marketing strategies.

Challenge: Agrocitrus faced several challenges as they aimed to grow their business:

  1. Limited Market Reach: The company needed to extend its presence to both national and international markets to increase sales and brand exposure.
  2. Outdated Marketing: Agrocitrus lacked an effective digital marketing strategy and required modern techniques to engage with customers and distributors.
  3. Quality Assurance and Compliance: Expanding internationally meant adhering to specific trade regulations and quality assurance standards in each target country.

Solutions: Delish Consulting devised a strategic approach to address Agrocitrus’s challenges:

  1. Digital Transformation (DX):
    • Service Landing Pages: Delish Consulting created targeted service landing pages to showcase Agrocitrus’s products and services to different customer segments.
    • Web design for service landing pages, optimized for top Google rankings and primed for effective advertising campaigns with a high conversion rate.
    • PPC Campaigns: Implementing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to drive traffic to these landing pages and generate leads.
  2. Marketing Strategies:
    • Branding Strategies: Delish Consulting developed branding strategies, including packaging formats and e-brochures, to enhance Agrocitrus’s market presence and appeal.
    • Domestic and International Trade: Delish Consulting established contact with new distributors at the national and international levels, conducting thorough market research to identify potential partners.
  3.    Digital Presence:
    • New Website with SEO: Delish Consulting designed and developed a new website for Agrocitrus, optimizing it for search engines (SEO) to improve online visibility.
    • BDX (Business Digitalization Experience): Developing a comprehensive digital strategy, including branding, SEO, and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns.
  4. International Expansion:
    • SEM – PPC Campaigns: Delish Consulting implemented SEM and PPC campaigns targeting specific international markets, attracting potential distributors and importers.
    • Product Adaptation: Agrocitrus adapted its products to meet the unique needs and preferences of target markets.
    • Quality Assurance (QA) and Custom Compliance (CC): Ensuring adherence to trade regulations and quality standards in each foreign market to establish trust and credibility.

Results: The collaboration between Agrocitrus and Delish Consulting produced significant results:

  1. Market Expansion: Agrocitrus successfully expanded its presence both nationally and internationally, increasing sales and brand recognition.
  2. Digital Transformation: The implementation of DX techniques, including service landing pages and PPC campaigns, significantly improved the company’s online engagement and lead generation.
  3. Marketing Success: Agrocitrus’s new branding strategies, e-brochures, and packaging formats contributed to increased market appeal.
  4. International Growth: Through international trade efforts and market research, Agrocitrus forged partnerships with well-established distributors and importers abroad.
  5. Quality Assurance and Compliance: Agrocitrus’s commitment to QA and CC ensured smooth operations and compliance with specific trade regulations in foreign markets.

In summary, the digital transformation and marketing strategies implemented by Delish Consulting allowed Agrocitrus to expand its domestic and international market presence, engage with distributors and importers, and ensure compliance with quality standards and trade regulations. This case study showcases how a holistic approach to digitalization and international expansion can drive success in the fresh citrus production industry.



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