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Iberiancattle’s Digital Transformation and Global Expansion Case Study

Background: Iberiancattle is a company specializing in Lamb Cattle production. They provide high-quality lamb meat products to customers in Spain. Seeking to modernize and exporting abroad their products expanding internationally  their business, Iberiancattle partnered with Delish Consulting to implement a comprehensive digital transformation strategy.

Challenge: Iberiancattle faced several challenges in their quest for growth:

  • Digitalization Gap: The company operated with outdated systems and lacked a cohesive digital infrastructure, hindering efficient communication and data management across accounting, production, and sales departments.
  • Global Expansion: Iberiancattle aimed to expand their market globally, particularly in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, which required compliance with international quality assurance (QA) standards and global customs regulations.
  • Branding and Marketing: The company needed to revamp their branding, develop an online presence, and create effective marketing campaigns to generate leads, drive sales, and compete in the international market.

Solutions: Delish Consulting devised a holistic approach to address Iberiancattle’s challenges:

  • BXT Concept Implementation: Delish Consulting introduced the Business, Experience, Technology (BXT) concept to align business goals, enhance customer experience, and leverage technology effectively. This framework guided all digital transformation efforts.
  • SAP Integration: Delish Consulting implemented SAP, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning system, to unify Iberiancattle’s digital ecosystem. This included connecting all computers, implementing cloud services for data accessibility, and integrating CRM systems to facilitate information flow across departments.
  • Business Digitalization Experience (BDX): Delish Consulting orchestrated a complete digitalization of Iberiancattle’s operations. This included creating a new branding strategy, designing a modern website, developing digital advertising campaigns, refreshing packaging and brochures for their meat products, and optimizing SEO and SEM to generate high-quality leads.
  • Global Expansion: Delish Consulting guided Iberiancattle in adhering to global quality assurance (QA) standards and customs compliance regulations, ensuring a smooth foreign trade operation as they expanded their markets in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

Results: The collaboration between Iberiancattle and Delish Consulting yielded remarkable results:

  • Digital Transformation: Iberiancattle successfully transitioned to a fully digital system, streamlining operations and promoting efficient data sharing across departments. The company now had a robust digital infrastructure that supported growth.
  • Global Market Expansion: With Delish Consulting’s guidance, Iberiancattle successfully entered markets in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, achieving compliance with QA standards and global customs regulations.
  • Enhanced Branding and Marketing: The company’s new branding, modern website, and targeted digital advertising campaigns led to increased brand visibility, a higher volume of quality leads, and fast sales conversion ratios.
  • Effective SEO and SEM Campaigns: Delish Consulting’s SEO and SEM efforts boosted Iberiancattle’s online visibility, making it easier for potential customers to find their products.
  • Smooth Global Foreign Trade: Iberiancattle’s operations were now compliant with international regulations, ensuring the seamless flow of goods in global foreign trade.

In summary, the digital transformation and global expansion initiatives, guided by the BXT concept and implemented with SAP integration, allowed Iberiancattle to modernize its operations, enhance its brand presence, and successfully enter new markets while ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations. This case study showcases how a comprehensive approach to digitalization and global expansion can drive business success in the meat production industry.

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